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Does Your Home Landscape Need a Retaining Wall?

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are necessary for maintaining a strong home landscape. And having a professional landscape retaining wall company to do the job will ensure accurate work, every time. At J Birds Landscaping Pittsburgh, we have all the exact services that you need for a sturdy retaining wall and home landscape, but how do you know if your landscape needs a retaining wall?

-Slope Failures

One of the most common problems that need remedied with retaining wall installations is slope failure. Whether a sloped landscape’s vegetation is eliminated from fire, a mudslide, or other complications, this leaves the land weak. When soil is not able to be held firmly in place by vegetation roots, hillside soil will slide down the slope when it rains, quakes, et cetera… No matter the condition of your land, if it is positioned on a slope then a retaining wall is necessary protection.

Retaining Wall Services

-Erosion & Fault Line Protection & Prevention

Retaining wall services are important for preventative measure as well as protection. Your land may not have encountered vegetation elimination, but natural problems can still occur, naturally. Possible soil erosion and fault lines in the ground surrounds your home make good reason for installing a retaining wall, in order to maintain the slope of your landscape.

-Custom Aesthetic Additives

Though retaining walls are required for maintaining sloped landscapes, and protecting against fault lines and erosion, they also offer aesthetic value. Adding retaining wall structures to your outdoor landscape will add a custom look that is pleasing and purposeful. Maintained slope landscapes will also increase the overall quality and value of your home’s exterior.

Contact us at J Birds Landscaping Pittsburgh for more information on our reliable landscape retaining wall services. We have exactly what you need to fix slope failures, prevent future issues, and add satisfying aesthetics to your landscape. Call now to schedule a consultation or to book an appointment today!