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South Hills Retaining WallsJ Birds Landscaping LLC builds retaining walls in the South Hills from the ground up, as well as repairs to the rugged wall you may currently have. We specialize in Precast and VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems, which provide strength, durability, and reliability. This is an excellent way to add style and value to your home!

Retaining walls are often built as something pleasing to the eye; whether constructed to provide a tiered effect, or to showcase specific types of plants. Retaining walls can offer low maintenance on a difficult slope, hill, or landscape.

In the South Hills, however, we have many hills and valleys, so it is essential to have the right concrete structure around your yard. Homeowners can find shifts or settle in and around their property, and retaining walls offer a solution to keep soil where it belongs. Retaining walls help disperse water, provide a comfortable habitat for plants and vegetation, and give a break from constant lawn maintenance. Feel free to fill out our request form to the left, or head to Service Area Page to learn more about our South Hills retaining walls and services!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Category: Retaining Wall

There are many factors that will determine the height of your retaining. Some retaining walls only need to be 2 or 3ft high, whereas some commercial retaining walls can be 40ft or higher. The height of your retaining wall will ultimately depend on how much protection the retaining wall needs to provide. The experts at J Bird’s Landscaping will evaluate the needs of your South Hills property to determine the size of your retaining wall.

Category: Retaining Wall

The amount of time it will take to build your retaining wall will depend on the conditions and needs of your property. On the one hand, you may only need a six-foot wall, or you may need a wall that goes across your entire yard. Our experts will evaluate your property and make recommendations on what will be the most beneficial and most appealing for your property.

Category: Retaining Wall

If you have a stone or brick retaining wall, you can expect it to last for decades. There are certain soil and weather conditions that can weaken your retaining wall. If you have your wall professionally installed and maintained, there shouldn’t be any issues with your retaining wall.

Category: Retaining Wall

Wil retaining walls, we can create a terraced pattern in your yard to help make the steep grading more manageable and give your lawn a more stylish look. The experts at J Bird’s Landscaping have extensive experience installing retaining walls on steep and severely sloped property in the South Hills.

Category: Retaining Wall

Retaining walls offer a variety of benefits. They protect exposed basements from the effects of erosion, preventing soil from blocking basement doors and windows. With many hills and valleys in the South Hills, retaining walls can keep the foundation of homes on top of a hill from shifting. Homes at the bottom of a hill can also benefit from retaining walls that keep loose soil from building up around the home. Other benefits include helping disperse water, providing a beautiful space for plants and vegetation, and providing a break from lawn maintenance.

Category: Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a wall made from brick or stone blocks. This type of wall is installed to prevent damage from surface runoff or erosion on elevated, angled, or sloped property. Retaining walls have both residential and commercial applications to prevent water and soil from shifting.

Category: Retaining Wall

Stone or brick blocks are expertly stacked in an interlocking pattern to create various segments along your wall. These blocks must be specifically positioned to ensure they fit correctly and create a sturdy and reliable final product.

Category: Retaining Wall

Commonly, retaining walls are made by using interlocking blocks of brick or stone, while some are made from poured concrete or wood. At J Bird’s Landscaping, we specialize in Precast and VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems.

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