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Reasons You’ll Need a Retaining Wall

Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and money into keeping your home and landscape beautiful. To protect this investment, it is important to preserve the health of your home, which relies on the layout and the design of your land surrounding it.

At J Bird’s Landscaping, we offer retaining wall installation in South Hills to help keep your landscape looking its best. Retaining walls are a durable structure that is designed to hold land in place. They help prevent erosion, create raised flower beds, provide additional seating for patios, and create usable space in sloped backyards. The uses for a retaining wall are endless! 

As you survey your yard, you may be wondering if you need a retaining wall. There are several reasons you may need a retaining wall on your property, including:

You have issues with erosion.

A retaining wall is designed to hold land in place to prevent soil from falling down a slope and onto your home. They can also prevent soil from falling out from under your home. Each of these occurrences can be very serious can lead to major damage or loss of your home, making a retaining wall a great solution. 

You need a solution for diverting rainwater.

Heavy rainfall can leak in your basement and damage your valuables, and can also cause damage to your foundation. If you are looking for a way to divert the water flow away from your home a retaining wall can help. 

Your backyard is mainly an unusable hill.

If your sloped backyard is unusable and you would like to transform it into a useful flat space, a retaining wall can make that dream a reality. Whether you want to create a parking space, a patio, or a sport court, a retaining wall is a solution you need. 

You need more seating. 

If you do a lot of entertaining at your home, you may need some extra seating around your oStone Retaining Wall and Stairsutdoor space. Fortunately, the top of a retaining wall makes for a great seat! Using retaining walls, you can define certain areas of your space while installing seating at the same time, making efficient use of your space. You can also purchase decorative cushions for the top of the wall to create a cozy feel. 

You want to add definition to your yard.

If you’re tired of gazing out on a boring hill when you look at your landscape, consider adding retaining walls. With retaining walls, you can create terraces and level space for growing flowers or vegetables and to create defined, useable areas to add interest to your sloped yard. 

Your current wall is old or poorly made. 

Over time, your retaining wall may have suffered damage caused by the elements. If your retaining wall has seen better days, the team at J bird’s Landscaping can help! We can inspect your wall and do what it takes to get back into great shape. We can also replace retaining walls that were completed by an inexperienced team. 

Retaining Wall Services by J Bird’s Landscaping

At J Bird’s Landscaping, we offer top quality retaining wall installation for South Hills homeowners to help them protect the land and their home. Contact us today to learn more!