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Pittsburgh Sod Benefits

If you are not pleased with your current lawn landscape, sodding may be the solution for you.  Sodding your lawn can have many benefits, in addition to speeding up the growth process for your new lawn installation Pittsburgh.  A sodded yard is a lawn that was started from a transplanted bed of existing grass instead of seeds. Sod is harvested from grass that is carefully treated to prevent damage from insects, weeds, and disease.   So what exactly are the additional benefits?  We have listed our top five below.

  1. Sod Stops Mud!  Seed takes a great amount of time to cover up mud.  Sod will prevent it immediately.  If you have children or Sod Pittsburghdogs, sodding is the cleanest option available.  There would be no mud tracking through the house and no mess to, therefore, clean up. 
  2. Sod Saves You Time and Money.  A sodded lawn requires very little attention because it is already a mature plant.  It may also save you money on fertilizer, herbicides, and other grass aid materials.  Why waste your precious time and money trying to grow the perfect lawn when lawn care experts can do it for you? For landscaping professionals in the Pittsburgh area, Call J Bird’s Landscaping.
  3. Sod Looks Lush!  Sod is more attractive because it has a better composition.  It will look lush and beautiful as soon as it’s installed.  So say goodbye to those dry, patchy areas of your yard and say hello to an attractive new lawn.
  4. Sod Saves the Environment.  If you’re environmentally conscious, sod may sway you because it needs fewer chemicals for maintenance.  Seeding your yard will likely require more herbicides to combat the weeds and wildflowers.
  5. Sod Is Easy!  Sodding is the smart choice for those who don’t have the time or knowledge to care for their outdoor space.  Sodding provides you with an immediate lawn that has very minimal upkeep.  So if you’d rather spend time playing outdoors rather than working, schedule your sod appointment today!

J Bird’s Landscaping LLC is happy to help you with your new lawn installation Pittsburgh.  Contact them today for a free quote for all your lawn and all landscaping. All your needs can be fulfilled with this premier Pittsburgh Lawn Care company! Call 412-224-0639.