New Lawn Installation in South Hils

Lawn Installation PIttsburghJ Bird’s Landscaping LLC is your South Hills expert for new lawn installation. Our experienced crews have the knowledge and the proper equipment to provide you with a top-quality new lawn installation to meet your needs.

Whether you need your existing removed and replaced, or a new lawn installed, J Birds Landscaping has the tools and expertise to get the job done right and provide you with a stunning new lawn you can enjoy for years to come!



Lawn Installation Services

Lot Clearing

If your lawn needs cleared or you want to clear a lot for new construction where your lawn will be installed, we’ve got you covered! We can clear out any size lot and provide hauling services for wood and chips, or we can cut up any logs removed for firewood.


Thatch is a build-up of dead grass that can suffocate your lawn and prevent new, vibrant growth. With our de-thatching services, we can remove the thatch build-up to help circulate air deep down to the roots of the grass, providing them with the necessary carbon dioxide and other nutrients. This helps to stimulate the existing roots and promote new root growth for a healthy lawn.


With our seeding services where there once was dirt, there will be grass! We will first prepare your land with proper grading, soil amendments, etc. and will then expertly apply grass seed to the area where your new lawn will be located.

Is your existing lawn filled with unsightly patches of dirt or dead grass? We also provide reseeding services for existing lawns. You’ll be left no longer with the dried patchy areas of your lawn, but with beautiful grass throughout your outdoor living space!

Lawn Care and Maintenance Service to Maintain Your Investment

Once your newly installed lawn is growing and thriving, we can help you maintain its beauty with our variety of lawn care services, including:

  • Mowing
  • Fertilizing
  • Overseeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Aeration

These services will help keep your lawn looking its best and will help to save you the time and hassle of caring for your lawn yourself! Protect your investment in your new lawn by taking advantage of our lawn care services.

Get the Lush, Green Lawn You’ve Always Want with J Bird’s!

Whether you need your existing space cleared, reseeded, or maintained, J Bird’s can help you achieve the beautiful, lush lawn that you want!
Call J Bird’s Landscaping today, at 412-224-0639, to discuss the possibilities about new lawn installation in South Hills to create your perfect lawn, and we can get your new lawn healthy, reseeded, or started right away!

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