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Keeping Your Retaining Walls in Tip-Top Shape

Retaining Wall Maintenance

A landscaping wall, or retaining wall, is the way for a gardener to help control gravity by holding back a part of the yard that would otherwise erode without the wall. The retaining wall installation must be solid and correctly maintained. At J Birds Landscaping, we can handle all of this; correctly installing and maintaining the retaining wall to keep your yard and garden in tip-top shape! Let’s go over a few important facts about a retaining wall.

The installation of a retaining wall must be built with paths and drainage in mind. Pipework, a block pattern, sand, mallets: these tools are all used to create a proper retaining wall. Once the wall is in place, plants can be put in around the wall to help blend the wall into its surroundings. J Birds Landscaping is here to do this for you because we have the manpower and the experience behind us. We can create a beautiful and efficient retaining wall and we can then help you to keep the wall in like-new condition.

Retaining Wall Maintenance

J Birds Landscaping knows that the most important thing for a successful and long-term retaining wall is the drainage. Having significant drainage pipes installed is a way to counter act this. If your wall is installed with drainage pipes, these should be checked to make sure they are not clogged, especially during the rainy months. Also, some walls have weep holes, located along the base of the walls. These holes allow water to run through the holes. It is important for the holes to be cleaned out with a slim tole, such as a screwdriver or a wire.

Some other issues with retaining walls occur with the types of wall that are installed. A wall that is leaning downhill instead of uphill might possibly have to be torn out and rebuilt because it is being pushed by gravity. If a brick in a mortared retaining wall is loose, it can be replaced by J Birds Landscaping and we can also fix a loose cap rock in a stone retaining wall.

All of these issues in a retaining wall must be maintained so that you can enjoy your yard and garden for years to come. Maintenance is important and J Birds Landscaping can keep your walls in tip-top shape.