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Fall Landscaping Tips

Landscaping Tips

Autumn is here, but that does not mean days of landscaping are over. Your lawn deserves to be well maintained all times of the year. And with fall landscaping services from our expert team at J Birds Landscaping, we are the only fall landscaping company in Pittsburgh that you need to maintain your landscape, all season long.

-Your Yard Tools are Equally as Important as Your Yard

It may no longer be spring, but your yard tools still have use during fall for lawn maintenance. The condition of your yard, no matter the season, will greatly depend on the tools used to maintenance it. Once it is time to put your tools away for the winter, make sure that they are properly prepared for storage. There should be no moisture, dirt or other debris on your tools when being put away. Otherwise, these tools will become unusable by the time spring emerges.

-Fall Still Means Fertilizer& Maintenance

Lawns may not be flourishing as vibrantly now as they were in the summer time, but this does not mean they do not still need up-kept. Yards still require regular trimmings and fertilizer treatments. Not only will maintaining your lawn in fall keep it healthy during autumn, it will also help your lawns defense against damage during freezing winters.

-Remember Hardscape Areas as well as Soft Landscape

One of the easiest things to do for maintaining a good looking landscape is to remember all aspects of the area. There are, of course, the commonly looked after soft landscape features, such as grass and planted elements, but there are also hardscape areas that often get overlooked. Landscape features from sidewalks and driveways to rocks, mulch and pavers tend to get less attention. By evenly attending to both of these parts of your outdoor area, you will be able to have a yard that is fully maintained.

J Birds Landscaping is the only fall landscaping company in Pittsburgh that you need to help keep your landscape looking marvelous. Even during Pittsburgh’s somewhat unpredictable fall time weather, our expert team will fully maintain your lawn’s hardscaping and soft landscaping for an outdoor space that is enjoyable all year long.