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Fall is the Time to Plant Bulbs

Planting Bulbs

Proper planting of bulbs begins now, in fall. Autumn is the best time to plant bulbs for various reasons. By following the proper tips and steps to planting bulbs accurately, you will enjoy glorious results once bulbs bloom. At J Birds Landscaping, we incorporate this knowledge and other expertise into all of our services for a landscape that is nothing but perfection, no matter the season.

-Timing is Everything

It is always good to plant bulbs around 6 weeks before soil begins to freeze, making fall the best time for planing before winter. Late September to early October is usually the most effective time, but earlier is best if you are uncertain about the winter of your region. This allows for root systems to develop before the cold, and also sets up your landscape to bloom earlier in the next warm season.

Planting Bulbs

-Proper Planting & Maintenance

Begin by purchasing flowering bulbs that are larger and healthy. Disregard bulbs that seem dry or moldy. While digging your hole, remember to consider the size of the bulb. Make sure the hole is approximately 3 times as deep as the bulb’s diameter. You can also plant bulbs in groups, but continue to follow digging measurements while also covering each layer with light soil. Make sure bulbs are planted pointing upward so that the plant’s stem can more easily grow. As with any plant, remember to frequently water after planting, especially if the fall season is dry.

-Post-Blooming Care

After your bulbs bloom into enjoyable plants, prepare for their growth next season. Let plants bloom, grow and die-down on their own. This enables plants to create a kind of food reserve for next year. Once plants fade—usually after about two months—you can trim things back down to ground level for winter.
At J Birds Landscaping, we service any landscape into nothing but perfection, from planting bulbs, to building walls. Contact us today at (412) 224-0639 to schedule a consultation, set up an appointment, or find out more information. Whether you have residential or commercial landscape needs, our services have everything you need to maintain a lawn of perfection.