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What You Need to Know About French Drains

Need to knows about French Drains

When it comes to waterproofing your home there are many options. At times it can be confusing to understand all of the options, their function, and more importantly, which is the best option for your home. To protect the inside of your home you first need to set up a line of defense on the exterior. This is where French drains make a difference. Getting a French Drain installation can help prevent ground and surface water from seeping in and marring the foundation of your home. You can also find French drains placed behind retaining walls, which also helps relieve ground water pressure. Drain services are a cost effective solution that is worth considering.

French drains function similar to a roof gutter except it occurs underground. The appearance of this particular drainage is made up of interconnected tubes with end points. To the human eye it almost looks like a puzzle of tubes. Construction of the drain allows a channel from which water can flow. For instance, when it rains the water will run through the drainage pipes into the low region where it exits into the street or a well. If installed properly, a French Drain should help protect your basement from flooding by directing water away from your foundation. Like a septic tank it can distribute water and aid in supporting retaining walls.

French Drains

Installation of an exterior French drain requires digging a trench in the direction you desire the water to flow. The trench should slope. Soil located on the perimeter of the home should be excavated down to the bottom of the foundation footing. It also requires other measures to ensure that weeds and roots do not damage the tubes. It is an extensive process that should be done by professionals.

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