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What is Land Grading?

In some cases, prior to beginning your landscaping project, the area may need to be graded. Land grading is a process where the surface is leveled. Dirt from the higher area is moved into the lower areas. This creates a level surface to serve as the foundation for your landscaping project.

In some cases, you may need to bring in dirt from a different location to complete the land grading. Land can be graded to be flat or sloped. For example, if you plan to put in a stone walkway, you will need a flat surface. If you need to channel rainwater away from your home, you will need to grade a slope that goes down and away from your foundation. 

Pittsburgh excavatingWhat Types of Land Grading Are There?

Every piece of property is different when it comes to the soil makeup, vegetation, and natural grading. This means that each property owner will have different needs when it comes to grading, so there are various types to get the job done. 

Drainage Solutions

Every landscape project needs proper drainage. This is done by grading the land on a slope to ensure the water is moved downhill and into a runoff or stream. This can also be done by installing drainage pipes in the ground and directing them to a drain or runoff. 


In some cases, grading will involve making a hole to get the proper grade for your project. Excavating will involve digging down to create a low-lying area. This is commonly done for projects such as for the foundation of a road or structure. 

Topsoil Installation

If you do not have a sufficient supply of dirt in the area, you may need to have topsoil brought in and installed. In addition to helping you achieve the right grade, topsoil also provides a healthy foundation for plants and provides a more polished look than your existing dirt. 

Surface Smoothing

Even if the land looks flat, it may still require surface smoothing to provide you with a great foundation to start your hardscape project. 

South Hills Excavating Services

At J Bird’s Landscaping, we provide many types of land grading services in the South Hills to meet the needs of your property. From grading to sewer lines, we have got you covered! Contact us today to learn more!