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Retaining walls are historically used to restrain the earth and prevent land from moving, a feat in engineering. The retaining walls of today are being used creatively in the modern design of the walls, and in the overall landscape picture of the space. Here is Pittsburgh, the professionals at J Birds Landscaping are working hard at creating beautiful, unique retaining walls that are functional and appealing.

These new updated retaining walls can be slandscape_designo many different things. The designers at J Birds will work with you to create your perfect wall, built to work for many years and to add charm for many to enjoy. Whether the material is concrete, boulder, stone, wood, etc., the choices are endless! These different textures and colors will add different feelings and textures to the space. Retaining walls can also add an impressive focal point to your landscape.

Natural elements, raised gardens, creative gardening: these features can be done, even in tough areas that one may think could never be used in such a manner due to difficult terrain. The retaining wall will perform its essential duty, keep the slope from eroding, and your raised landscaping will look particularly stunning. These types of elements are an exact example of putting your neighborhood Pittsburgh retaining walls to glorious use.  

Numerous designs are at your fingertips when working with retaining walls as a creative feature and not just a tool. Creating raisedd flower beds are just one of these; try to pay attention to the retaining walls you see around you and use those ideas as a beginning. Ask J Bird’s Landscaping for their help. A modern look to your retaining wall is waiting.