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Start Planning your Spring Landscaping Projects

Plan Your Pittsburgh Landscaping

With spring comes a sense of newness and freshness. It’s a time to spring clean, reorganize, perhaps shop for some new clothes, and get your yard ready for those upcoming picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings. Entertaining outside is a popular pastime in the spring and summer months and is all the more enjoyable when your backyard reflects the beauty of the season.

Whether you’re planting new flowers, trimming up your shrubbery, or installing a new lawn, J Bird’s Landscaping and Excavating LLC can help! It is wise to begin thinking about your landscape design in February or March and to contact a landscape company during those months. By doing so, you’ll beat the rush of the busy season and be able to enjoy the results by the time of the first bloom. The following are some tips for planning your spring landscape project.



Decide what it is most important to you and what areas need the most attention. Your landscaper will be able to guide you and offer suggestions of course, but it’s a good idea to have an initial plan of how you want your yard to look. Once you have a vision, it will be easier to explain and work with your landscaper to achieve it.



Landscaping services and costs vary, so it’s important to determine how much you are willing to spend. It’s imperative to plan financially so that when you talk to your landscaper, he or she can customize a service within your means. Yet another advantage of planning during the winter for a spring landscape is being able to save a few dollars to perhaps allow for a larger project. At J Bird’s, we have landscaping and hardscaping plans to fit all budgets. We also have the experience and knowledge to enhance the outside of your home, no matter the size or current condition. Take a look at your financials and then give the experts a call.



If you’re not sure the direction you want to head or don’t have the eye for gardening design, consult magazines or television programs. Visit your local library and browse through their gardening collection. Look online for ideas and notice your neighbors’ yards while taking that daytime stroll. You’ll want to make sure what you like fits the exterior of your home too. You may want to choose plants and colors that coincide and compliment the style of your house. Inspiration is everywhere and there are plants for every lifestyle and taste, so take your time, do some research, and discover your likes, your dreams.




It’s also a good idea to find out what local pests may be lurking in the area so that you can prepare accordingly. Pests such as wildlife, insects, and stray animals can destroy your garden and landscape in no time. By being prepared, you can avoid these landscaping mishaps. It may be as simple as having to purchase fencing or wire mesh to keep the pests away.


Once you’ve done your research and planning, you’re ready to call a professional and get your project underway. For reliable services in the Pittsburgh area, Call J Bird’s Landscaping and Excavating LLC. We’re ready and waiting to serve you! Contact us today at 412-224-0639 for a free quote.