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Should I Start My Excavation Project in the Winter?

Should I Start My Excavation Project in the Winter?

If you have a project that requires excavation, you may be wondering, with winter approaching, whether excavation services are available. While it may seem like a great time to book your excavation services, you need to make sure it is a feasible project.

winter land grading

For many excavation companies, winter is a slow time for business since many people may think that the ground is too frozen for digging. This may be the case for some areas, but with J Bird’s Landscaping, our crew is ready for winter excavation projects in Pittsburgh. We have the right technology, including soil warming and frozen ground tools, to ensure we can get the job done right!

How Will the Winter Weather Affect My Excavation Project?

For the top layer of earth to become frozen, temperatures must remain below freezing for consecutive weeks. Typically a winter excavation project can be completed throughout a large part of the year. Snow and ice, however, can have an effect on your project.

When you add snow and ice to an excavation project, certain dangers present themselves. People are more susceptible to slipping, falling, and injuring themselves. Using electrical equipment in wet environments is also a cause for concern. When you work with our experienced team, we can work around these setbacks by using tarps to cover the work area if a snowstorm occurs.

Freezing temperatures can make digging difficult. If the temperature remains consistently below freezing, the ground can become hard and difficult to dig out. However, if the sun comes out and warms the ground, it can become easier to excavate. Constant freezing temperatures that remain for weeks at a time are not extremely common in Pittsburgh.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Winter Excavation Projects

Like with any project, there are advantages and disadvantages to scheduling your excavation project for winter. The experts at J Bird’s Landscaping can help you determine if the winter excavation project is feasible or not. Here are some benefits of getting your excavation completed in the wintertime:

  • Get a spot on the schedule – Winter tends to be a slower time for many excavation companies, making it easier for you to get a spot on the schedule. Rather than having to squeeze you into a busy schedule, we can provide you with more of our focus and attention.
  • More workers – Since we aren’t swamped with work through the wintertime, our crew is available for one specific project in the winter, which can help minimize your project’s timeline since we’ll have more workforce available.
  • Less wait time – Waiting all winter to get your urgent project done can cost you time and money. While a winter excavation project may come with extra costs, it will be worth completing the project when you take a look at the overall value of utilizing your property.

Disadvantages of Excavating in the Winter

Winter excavation can be challenging when battling snow or ice, which is why it is not a common time for excavation projects to be completed. Some of the disadvantages of winter excavation include:

  • Work crew discomfort – Working out in the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures is not ideal for the work crew. Fortunately, with the proper outwear, this issue can easily be overcome. Warming tents or a trailer on-site can also give workers a chance to warm up and remain comfortable throughout the workday.
  • Difficult to break ground – If the ground becomes frozen due to consistent below freezing temperature, even the shallower excavation projects can be daunting. When the ground is frozen, special tools are required.

Winter Excavation Services in Pittsburgh

Understanding the challenges of winter excavation is important. Be sure to speak with your excavation contractors at J Bird’s Landscaping about we can work around the cons of winter excavating to complete your project. Contact us today to learn more!