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Should I Choose an outdoor Deck or Patio?

Outdoor Patios and Decks Pittsburgh

Adding a deck or patio to your home is a wonderful way to expand your living space. Maybe your looking for a simple, yet relaxing area to lounge or is your dream to craft an outdoor oasis. When it comes to deciding whether to construct a deck or patio, it ultimately comes down to personal preference, budget, and your home’s current landscape. J Birds Landscaping, your one-stop shop for Pittsburgh landscaping and excavation services, provides some professional insight on making the best decision for you and your budget.

Decks in Pittsburgh

While many decks are attached to a home or serve as a pool surround, decks can also take the shape of a detached, freestanding structure or platform.Outdoor Living Space Pittsburgh

While wood is the long-standing choice for deck construction, decking materials have come a long way. You can choose from traditional, natural woods like cedar and pressure-treated pine or select from an array of pre-fabricated materials like vinyl or composite. Natural wood will require maintenance, like annual pressure washing and the occasional sanding. And, while wood is an affordable and dependable material if left unkept weather and insects will damage the wood – ultimately affecting the integrity of the deck. On the other hand, pre-fabricated materials, like Trex, are nearly maintenance free and resistant to weather and insects, but they come with a higher price tag.

Patios in Pittsburgh

Much like decks, patios can expand your living space into the outdoors. Materials can range from basic pea gravel or river rock to porcelain floor tile or decorative brick-pavers. Because of the variance in materials available, the shape of a patio can take on any form. Patios are built at ground-level, and unlike a deck, they require no safety railing. However, basic excavation for a concrete slab or layer of sand and pebble will be required for the foundation. Patios demand little maintence from a homeowner, but occasionally you may have to replace a brick, power wash the tile or rinse and rake gravel.

Designing a Deck or Patio

As far as the design of either space, the skies the limit. Some opt for traditional, more seasonal decks or patios, while other homeowners construct the space for year-round use.  Pergolas can offer shade, while a permanent roof can provide privacy and coverage from the elements. Patios and decks also lend themselves to incorporating a beautiful landscape, further adding curb appeal to your home.

You can create a quaint, outdoor space for pure relaxation or create a larger space for entertaining friends and family. You can add fans and lighting, or “go big” with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen, but consider the cost of these upgrades. Fireproofing a deck, adding a gas and electricity, or adding a unique landscape comes with the cost of materials, fixtures and professional installation.  

Deck or Patio?

Adding a patio or deck to your home is an investment, so be sure to consider your options. At J Birds Landscaping, we can help you decide what the best option is for your home and budget. Adding any sort of square footage to your home will cost you money, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Call us for a FREE QUOTE today – 412-224-0639!