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Popular Outdoor Landscaping Ideas

Updating Your Outdoor Landscaping

With the weather in Pittsburgh warming up, you’ll be spending more time outside at home with friends and family. To get the most out of your landscape, the team at J Bird’s Landscaping, your lawn care experts in South Hills, has put together a few creative landscaping ideas to impress. 

Pittsburgh LandscapingAdd Lighting for a Stunning View

With strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can highlight features of your landscape while also making it safe to walk around your property at night. There is a variety of lighting to choose from, including:
  • String lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Floodlights
  • And more! 
Consider mixing and matching these lighting styles for a unique look! 

Install a Fire Pit to Add Ambiance to Your Space

With a custom outdoor fire pit, you can add beauty and functionality to your patio or backyard. Fire pits add warmth, light, and ambiance to your outdoor living space. With a large selection of design and material options, including stone, concrete, or brick, as well as a variety of fuel source options, you can create a fire pit that best suits your lifestyle. 

Add Hardscaping Elements for a Unique Touch

Hardscape elements are non-living components of your landscape. Hardscapes can be made from either natural elements such as stone or wood or can be made from man-made materials depending on the look you want to achieve. Hardscaping elements can be decorative or functional, providing definition to your landscape or providing a unique focal point to your outdoor landscape.  
Hardscape options are endless. From retaining walls and decks to gazebos, walkways, and stone, concrete, or brick patios, hardscapes can add function and style to your outdoor space.

Use Terraced Garden Beds to Make the Most of Your Yard 

Have a sloped yard and not sure how to utilize it? We recommend using the sloped yard to your advantage by adding a few terraces to the yard. You can fill these terracing garden beds with flowers or vegetables, and you can use a retaining wall made of stone, wood, or concrete blocks to reinforce the garden bed. You can also have steps installed so you can easily access the garden beds. 

Ready to Transform Your Landscape? Contact J Bird’s Landscaping Today! 

J Brid’s Landscaping is proud to serve as your top choice for landscaping in South Hills. Whether you want to add a retaining wall or garden beds to your yard, we have the skills and the tools to transform your landscape. Contact us today to learn more!