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My Yard Keeps Flooding

Tips for Flooding Yards 

Flooding yards are a common issue for many Pittsburgh homeowners. If your yard looks like a swamp after a rainstorm, this is a sign that you have drainage issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Standing water can kill your grass, leak into your home through your foundation, and provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. If you have areas of your yard that hold water, be sure to first contact your local zoning and planning authority because they may be able to repair the issue at no cost to you. 
If the issue isn’t within their jurisdiction, there are measures you take to reduce the flooding and keep your lawn healthy. 

Improve the Grade of Your Yard

The slope of your yard will determine how and where the rainwater will drain to. This makes the slope of your yard a very important part of preventing your yard from flooding. For optimal drainage, you will want to have a minimum slope of 2% away from home. 

Flooded Yard If you don’t have enough of a slope, this can lead to water pooling in certain areas or leaking into the foundation of your home. The grade of your yard can be improved by adding topsoil along your foundation in other low areas of the yard to help encourage drainage. 

Install a French Drain

When there is a downpour, water rushes through your gutters and out of the downspouts, which can contribute to flooding without proper drainage. Low spots or a single spot in your yard may be preventing this runoff from draining off your property to the storm drain. If this is the issue you are experiencing, a French drain can be installed to alleviate the issue. 

A French drain is a perforated pipe installed underground the collects and directs surface water off your property. For installation, a trench is dug from the low-lying area in your yard down to the street. A pipe is then inserted into a bed of pea-sized gravel in the trench. After the pipe is in place, it is covered with more pea-sized gravel and is then covered with soil and grass. 

Professional French Drain Services by J Bird’s Landscaping

If you are dealing with flooding in your yard, contact J Bird’s Landscaping today to learn more about our French drain installation services.