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March Landscaping Guide

Landscaping in the South Hills

Spring is just around the corner! And while March hangs on to February’s cooler temps, it’s a great time take inventory on what supplies you’ll need and what you’ll need to prepare, before you dive into springtime planting come April. It’s also the time to make a call to your landscaper so you can get on their schedule for any upcoming projects you’d like to complete.

Use the month of March to stock up on landscaping supplies, get your lawn ready and lawn equipment in check before the full-fledged move into spring. South Hills landscaping company J Bird’s Landscaping has a few tips to get your yard in tip-top shape for spring planting.

Conduct a post-winter evaluation of your yard

It’s not uncommon to notice some winter damage done to the trees and shrubbery in your yard. Take a walk around and look for signs of damage. One culprit is simply the sun and wind having dried out or burned your evergreens. If your evergreens have taken on the color of orange vs. green, the harsh weather is likely the culprit. Another perpetrator of winter damage may be rodents. You saw their little paw prints in the snow, but you were never sure where they were hiding. Trees and shrubs with chewed-off bark and branches is a sure indicator of rodent damage.

RakeSpring landscaping Pittsburgh

During the wintertime, residual leaves and debris were likely matted down by heavy snow and freezing rain. Raking what was left over from the fall and winter will help clear out any remains of the past seasons. It also helps the grass stand tall, allowing for the air and light to reach the soil. This gives both the soil and grass time to warm up, breath and begin to grow.

Open the shed

Check your push mower or riding lawn mower to be sure they’re working. Get your weed wacker tuned up with oil, gas, and string. See if you have any lawn bags leftover from last season. Check if your garden gloves can withstand another planting season. And, sharpen your pruning shears.

Stock up on supplies

Home improvement stores and local nurseries live for this time of year. In fact, they’ve been preparing for it all winter. By March they’re stockpiled with everything you’ll need to get a head start on yard prepping. Visit your local home center today and stock up on everything you need before April rushes in!


While some trees are pruned in the fall, others can be pruned in the spring. It’s a good time to cut back shrubs like roses and hydrangeas to give them a nice shape before the bloom. Always check with a landscape company or nursery if you’re unsure when to prune the shrubs or trees in your yard.

Call J Bird’s Landscaping!

Whether you have questions about some of the plants that took a hit over the winter or you are looking to update your landscape with a beautiful new design, we are here for you! Call now for a FREE CONSULTATION for all your South Hills landscaping needs – 412-224-0639.