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How to Landscape Your Retaining Wall

Your Guide to Retaining Wall Landscaping

Retaining walls are used to hold back the soil along slopes using either tiers or at the base of a hill. This type of wall is placed where dirt as been cut away to level a building surface or install a driveway.

Rather than having just a plain wall on your property, you can add landscaping around the wall using different plants and decorations to help incorporate the wall into the rest of your landscaping.

Start at the TopRetaining Wall Landscaping

When placing plants that grow low, be sure to plant them closer to the top edge of the retaining wall, to keep the roots of trees and larger bushes from damaging the wall and prevent the plants from being damaged due to confinement by the wall.

Make Sure All Plants are Visible

To make sure all the other plants can be seen, it is essential to place smaller plants at the edge, so they don’t block the view of the other decorations or plants behind them.

Spread Blooms over Your Wall

To add a beautiful look to your wall, consider adding plants that grow over the top of the wall’s edge, such as ivy, that will grow over and spill down the wall. This will help catch the eye and break up the monotony of the straight wall.

You may also consider attaching a trellis to your wall and planting climbing vines, such as an Austin Rose. This type of plant will grow upward and covering sections of the wall.

Take Advantage of the Plant Beds

This type of wall creates plants beds that are at or above eye level for most people, giving you the chance to create a stunning display. Consider planting rows of vegetation at the top of the retaining wall, using two or three different types of plants and stagger them to ensure the view of the plants at the top of the wall is not blocked.

Add Texture

Using tall vegetation, such as tall grasses or ornamental trees, you can add texture in front of the retaining wall for a unique look.

Retaining Wall Installation in South Hills

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