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How to Fix a Dry Yard

During hot, humid summer days in Pittsburgh, your lawn may not be getting enough water to grow full and green. At J Bird’s Landscaping, we have provided you with a few tips to help you make sure your dry yard is getting enough water. 

Why is my Lawn Dry?

Lawn with Dry GrassIf you are noticing dry spots in your lawn, it is likely that your lawn has bee under stress for a while due to:
  • Lack of watering
  • Burning from fertilizer
  • Drying due to dog urine
If your entire lawn is covered in dry grass, then it means that your lawn needs watering to recover. Typically, your lawn will go dormant during hot days where water supplies are low, but if your grass is brown and weak, it may not be able to survive the drought. This means you will need to take action to prevent your lawn from dying. 

Ways to Help Your Dry Lawn Recover

During a long-term drought in the hot summer, you can save your lawn by applying .5 inches of water to your lawn every 15 to 20 days. For a green lawn aster, you will need to apply one inch of water to your lawn every week, which is about two hours of sprinkler use. 

Be careful not to overwater your lawn because it can worsen your lawn’s health. In most cases waiting for rainwater to do its job is sufficient to keep your lawn healthy unless the weather is extremely dry. Other tips for keeping your lawn healthy and green include:

Avoid Overwatering

You should abundantly water your lawn a few times a week rather than watering lightly every day. When you water lightly every day, you end up with shallow grass roots that won’t yield the lush green grass you are trying to achieve. 

Use a Rain Gauge

If you are not sure how much water your lawn is getting a rain gauge is a great way to keep track. This will also help you keep track of how much water it is getting from your sprinkler.

Use Fertilizer

Using the proper liquid fertilizer can help feed and revitalize your lawn while also helping water quickly penetrate the root system. It can also help the soil improve its ability to retain nutrients and humidity. 

Water at the Right Time 

It is important to water your lawn in the early morning or early evening so it can dry naturally and absorb the water before the temperatures begin to rise. Watering at noon can cause the sun to burn your grass and weaken your lawn. 

Also, keep in mind that watering late in the evening or at night will not allow the lawn to dry properly, leading to rotting in the roots. 

Looking for Lawn Care? We Can Help! 

At J Bird’s Landscaping, our team provides expert lawn care to Pittsburgh homeowners keeping their lawns looking lush, green, and healthy! If you are interested in receiving professional summer lawn care, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more!