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How Tall Should Your Grass Stand?

How Tall is Your Grass?

Summer landscaping projects are not complete without proper grass cutting services. When grass is properly cut and maintained, whether of a residential or commercial area, it provides an aesthetic look that is quite appealing, due to the result of superior lawn health. Maintain the healthiest, best-looking lawn possible by knowing how tall the grass of your particular lawn turf should stand.

-Consider the Type of Turf Your Lawn has

Every type of grass has specific growing and trimming requirements, including an ideal mow height. Different lawn turfs also have their own climate requirements that are best for growing. . Know the type of lawn you have, as well as the climate the grass is growing in, to know which length is best for your lawn and when. A combination of the appropriate grass length and ideal temperature will encourage only a healthy lawn to grow.

Grass Cutting Service

-When Temperatures Rise, Increase Lawn’s Grass Length

During warmer months of the year, especially drought season, grass length should be grown out a bit longer to retain the most nourishment. Do keep in mind, though, that grass which is too long can be difficult to mow, leaving your lawn choppy and uneven. Extra-long grass also provides the perfect habitat for insects and vermin. This is why warmer temperatures provide for an environment that is best for growing Bahia, Bermuda, Buffalo and Kikuyu types of lawn turf.

-As Temperatures Fall, Shorten Lawn’s Grass Height

Winter temperatures provide an ideal time for trimming grass blades a bit shorter. If grass is cut too long when temperatures decrease, the lawn will be susceptible to snow mold. The average length to cut cool-season grass is between one and four inches, depending on the type of grass growing. Cool temperatures offer the best environment for growing Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fine and tall fescue lawn turfs.

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