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How Much Does a French Drain Cost?


A French drain is a trench used to direct surface groundwater away from a certain area, installed either inside or outside of a structure. The trench uses perforated PVC piping, is filled with gravel or stone and then a layer of sod or dirt covers the trench. Because of the complexities that can change when installing a French drain, the cost of installing one can change or be different due to many different factors.

Exterior French drain installation is usually priced by the linear foot, depending on the depth and width of the trench. Interior French drains, or drains that must be installed in the interior of a home due to no alternative for basement waterproofing, are priced differently.

An interior French drain involves a tremendous amount of planning, excavating, and interior work, including cutting a channel in and around the basement to lay the perforated PVC pipe. This hard work equals higher prices but great rewards for the structures owner.  Interior French drains are usually installed for a lump sum price due to the work involved. If a sump pump must be installed, this will increase the price of the installation as expected.

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