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Do I Need to Regrade My Yard?

Signs You Need to Regrade Your Yard

When looking out at your yard, you may notice that some of your yard is uneven and has probably been like that since you moved in. If your yard is not graded properly, it can lead to destroyed gardens, trees, grasses, and can also damage your home.

Uneven yards can cause water pooling around the home, which can lead to serious foundation damage. Any cracking or shifting in your foundation can lead to serious structural problems. Additionally, if you plan to install a new hardscape, landscape, or something else like a swimming pool, you will likely need to regrade your yard to provide a flat and smooth surface for your project.

Leveling a Yard

There are various signs you need to look for determining if your yard needs regraded, such as: 

  • Lumps or bumps from tree roots, utility work, animal damage, removal of shrubs or trees. These can affect the appearance and the usability of your yard. 
  • Water pooling around the foundation. This can cause dampness or leaks, which in turn can lead to mold. 
  • Mold or fungus growing in areas of the yard. This signifies that water is consistently cooling in these areas, which in addition to fungus and mold growth, can also attract mosquitos and other pests. 
  • Water puddling or pooling on your driveways or sidewalks. This can lead to cracking as well as mold and growth. 
  • Compacted areas from foot traffic or settling. These areas can be difficult to grow grasses or flowers in due to the compacted soil.

How Will You Regrade My Yard?

At J Bird’s Landscaping, our professionals go through many planning and preparation steps to ensure the yard is graded properly. First, we will find and mark your yard’s high point because that is the point where the water begins to drain in the wrong direction. We will then identify where the water is pooling, and then we will find the rise or slope between these points.

With these numbers, we can determine the level grade line for your yard. We use our specialized equipment to add topsoil to the yard’s low point and level the higher points to create an even surface.

Need to Have Yard Regraded? Contact J Bird’s Today!

At J Brid’s Landscaping, we provide professional excavation to the South Hills and surrounding areas to help you alleviate water problems or to create a flat surface for your next project. Contact us today to learn more.