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Different Grasses for Your Lawn

The best way to keep your lawn looking lush and green is to choose the right type of grass for the Pittsburgh climate and your unique lifestyle. Serving as your lawn care experts in South Hills, J Bird’s Landscaping has put together a list of the best grasses for your Pittsburgh lawn.

Grasses that Can Withstand the Hot Summers and Freezing Winters

As you may already know, Pittsburgh frequently experiences harsh winters, with temperatures dipping below freezing, along with hot, humid summers. Whether you are looking to make a change in your lawn or install a new lawn, here are a few types of cool season grass that hold up well in Pittsburgh weather:


Grass Seed South Hills

Bentgrass requires soil that is maintained carefully, making it an excellent option for a homeowner who enjoys caring for their lawn. This type of grass has a high tolerance to foot traffic and moderate shade tolerance. 

Annual Ryegrass 

This type of grass requires annual planting and well-maintained soil, making this a great option if you have the time to care for the grass. Annual ryegrass also has a moderate shade tolerance and can withstand moderate to high foot traffic. 

Perennial Ryegrass

Perrenial ryegrass does not require annual planting, but it does need good soil conditions to thrive, which can lead to more maintenance than other types of grass. This type of grass has a moderate tolerance to shade and is excellent for areas that experience moderate to high foot traffic. 

Fine Fescue

For a lower maintenance option, you may consider fine fescue grass. This type of grass can tolerate poor soil conditions and has a high shade tolerance. When it comes to foot traffic, fine fescue can tolerate low to moderate traffic. 

Tall Fescue

Much like fine fescue, tall fescue grass also has a tolerance for poor soil conditions, making this type of grass another low maintenance option for busy homeowners who can’t dedicate enough time to lawn maintenance. Tall fescue has a medium shade tolerance and can withstand medium to high foot traffic, making it a great option for lawns where children will be playing, or you will be entertaining guests. 

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass requires well-drained soil to grow and thrive.  With the rainy seasons in Pittsburgh, it is essential to be sure your lawn has adequate drainage if you plan to plant Kentucky bluegrass. This type of grass has a moderate shade tolerance and can also withstand high foot traffic, making this a low maintenance, durable option. 

Expert Lawn Installation and Care South Hills

With our expertise in lawn care and new lawn installation, South Hills customers can rest assured that we have the tools to help them better their current lawn or install an entirely new lawn. Contact J Bird’s Landscaping today to learn more about how we can help you keep your lawn looking its best!