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J Bird’s Dethatching Services

At JBirds Landscaping, we want to help make your lawn the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood! To achieve this, you have to get rid of the thatch. Thatch is essentially a layer of dry, dead grass (plant material). Dethatching services only has to be done on a lawn every other year in order to keep your lawn in tip-top shape! Our Pittsburgh winters can be harsh and cause a lot of damage to your lawn. Dethatching can remove some of the damage.

Dethatching Services

Dethatching services in Pittsburgh is necessary to promote soil growth. When you have a healthy thatch, you will have healthy soil and a beautiful lawn. JBirds Dethatching service will help you to achieve this. A dethatcher can be powered or manual. A manual version is very, very heavy. It is run across a lawn just like a mower, in vertical rows. You can also dethatch with a special dethatching rake, or your basic garden spike. The basic idea is to get in to the ground, deeply and vigorously. No matter how the dethatching is done, it stresses the lawn and many people, immediately over seed and fertilize the lawn immediately following the job. This is a lot of work. Call JBrids Landscaping for JBirds Dethatching Services and save yourself the back ache.

Even though this is so much work, if it is completed once every two years, your lawn will be fertile and green, the grass looking full and beautiful, just how you want it.