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Can You Landscape in the Winter?

Pittsburgh Winter Lawn Care 

While the bulk of landscaping work is in the summer and fall, there are a few ways you can landscape and prepare your lawn for the winter season. By properly maintaining and preparing your lawn for winter, you can encourage new growth for a healthy green lawn come springtime.

Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Pittsburgh Lawn During Winter Before the first snowfall of the year, it is essential to clear out and mulch the last of the fall leaves left behind. You should also rake your lawn to open new soil and re-seed your lawn where needed. When you re-seed early in the winter, the seeds will germinate with the winter precipitation watering them. This will help you encourage new growth for a stronger, healthier lawn. 

Plant for Winter and Spring

For flowers in the spring, you can plant bulbs, like crocuses or tulips. These can be planted in late fall or early winter. You may also consider planting winter annuals such as cabbage or flowering kale, hedges, or winter flowers such as crocus or jasmine. 

Clean up Your Garden

To prevent fungus and mold build-up, it’s essential to clear out your summer garden in the early winter. It would be best if you also laid down mulch to protect your soil from the harsh winter elements. If you have rose bushes or trees, be sure to prune them in late winter before they begin to bud. 

Plan Garden and Maintain Your Lawn Equipment

Use this time to plan your new garden or yard renovation to help you prepare for the spring months. You should also clean and maintain your gardening and yard tools and equipment. Clean and oil your rakes and shovels. Clean the blades of your gas-powered equipment and have any servicing or replacements made as needed. 

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