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French Drain Installation is imperative to protecting your home’s property from structural damage. 

When water soaks into concrete, it causes cracks and other substantial damage.  The best way to prevent this potential harm to your home is by waterproofing its foundation.  French drains offer an easy solution to water entering and ruining a home.  French drains create a channel that carries the water away from the house and are easy to install as well. Some benefits include:

Safety From Flooding

By carrying water away from the home, French drains forbid moisture to enter the property and cause possible flooding.  They typically direct the water to a septic tank or sump pump which then sends the water to a storm drain or dry well. Not ever having to deal with basement flooding is a huge relief for homeowners.  Flooding can not only cause significant amounts of damage to both the structure of a home as well as the inside of a home, but it can be quite the headache to clean up!  To save yourself the mess and stress of a basement flood, call J Bird’s Landscaping in Pittsburgh to schedule your French drain installation today.  412-224-0639.French Drain Pittsburgh

Affordable and Easy Installation

While efficient drainage is the number one benefit of having a French drain, easy installation may come in a close second.  With just a little planning, a French drain can be easily installed, and when done right, last many years.  First, a path for the drain must be determined.  The French drain should run through the areas where water is the most problematic and the exit point should be a sunny, low-lying area.  Once you have figured out the proper path, you’re ready to dig up the ground and put in the drain. To ensure proper installation and to take the burden off of you, call a professional with experience in French drain installation. Call J Bird’s Landscaping and Excavating LLC and never have to worry about basement flooding again or any subsequent maintenance.  Once the drain is installed, nothing further has to be done.

Yet another benefit of having a French drain installed is that it is eco-friendly and more and more people are realizing the need to properly care for and sustain the environment.  Eco-friendly materials can even be used to build the drain.

Call J Bird’s Landscaping for a free quote and to get your French drain project underway.  You’ll be glad you did.  Call 412-224-0639.