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Beneficial Features of a VERSA-Lok Retaining Wall System

VERSA-Lok Retaining Wall

VERSA-LOK systems are the first solid, pinned segmental retaining wall systems made available. These original systems enable you to fully customize and enjoy your outdoor living space and landscaping. From functional additions to style selections and simplistic engineering, VERSA-LOK systems are perfect for your space and budget. The J Bird’s Landscaping & Excavating team offers VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems, for trusted strength, durability and reliability.

Vast Style Selections

Five different VERSA-Lok systems are able to further compliment the diversity of its retaining wall technology. Choose from a standard brick, cobble stone, accented, mosaic, or harmony styles. Whether you are seeing an artistic design or a simple construct, J Bird’s Landscaping & Excavating will help you build a VERSA-LOK retaining wall system that is exactly what you need and what you’re looking for.

VERSA-Lok Retaining Walls

Available Additions for Complete Customization

The specific VERSA-LOK style selections help you to create your own customized retaining wall system and outdoor space, but available additions make your customizations feel fully complete. Fire pits, outdoor kitchens, seat walls, patio tables and more are all special additives that can make your outdoor space feel like more than a nice looking yard. VERA-LOK retaining wall systems offer superior style selections and customizations in order to offer a unique space for your entire family.

Unique Engineering Made Simple

The engineering of VERSA-LOK systems enables the formation of multiple angles, architectural curves, corners, stairs, columns and more! This creates the ability for you to customize your outdoor space and give it a unique look, without the hassle. And the simplicity of VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems make it easy for a do-it-yourselfer to complete, while still providing durability and reliability.

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