Have you ever had flooding in your yard? Or, does your basement fill up with water after a spring rain? If you have had these or other drainage problems on your property, J Birds Landscaping in 

Pittsburgh, can help you to make the decision to install a French drain to alleviate these problems. It is an effective and straightforward way to take care of your drainage issues.

French drains are a popular solution for those with drainage problems. If you have a basement that floods often, a yard that features a retaining wall on a hillside, or soil that is soggy often, and often contains some amount of standing water, a French drain could be the answer to your water woes.

A French drain is a pipe that is placed in the ground specifically to collect and transport rain water to a low-lying area where there will be no harm.  Typically, the pipes are perforated and buried in gravel which is easier for the rain water to soak through. The pipes are slanted so the water moves easily along the route and out into the collecting area. With all the wet winters and springs in the Pittsburgh area, French drains are common in keeping basements and green areas free of excess water.

There are no moving parts to a French drain and if done by a certified landscaper, such as J Birds Landscaping, the drain can last for a very long time. Contact J Birds to get started on your French drain in the Pittsburgh area now!

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