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Boosting Property Value with Landscaping

Boosting Property Value with Landscaping

A new kitchen and a beautiful new interior may add property value immediately but, did you know that not only does a properly landscaped yard add value immediately, it continues to add value as the plants mature and grow bigger. Appliances go bad. Designs go out of style. Plants are more robust and fuller as the years go by.

The most important thing you can do to add value to your property through landscaping is to have a plan.You can do this yourself with an extra $500-$3000 worth of plants if you make a plan, and stick to it! You cannot plant a tree and then haphazardly decide to plant some flowers next to that tree and so on; there must be a plan! Make your plan and stick to it! A well landscaped home has up to an almost 13% advantage in value over a non-well landscaped home!  Think about it: in a $200,000 home that is $2Spring Landscaping6,000! A nice amount of money for a relatively small amount of money.

Potential buys are looking for a sophisticated design, along with plant maturity, diversity, and size. A yard that has mature, well cared for plants is a sign that the house is well cared for on the inside as well, a real plus in the housing market! Start out with your plan, take your time, and stick to it! A few years later, and the caregiving will show, the mature plants will flourish.

If you are not planning to stick around, you can still boost your property value before with landscaping. Try cutting the edges of your flower beds: it gives the yard a crisp, professional look. Start fertilizer treatments to give your yard a nice lush appearance (no patchwork quilts!). Buy some bright flowers to plant for splashes of color and be willing to spend a few hundred dollars on perennial bushes and shrubs to spice up your space. You may have just started on your yard but it won’t look like it!