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What Type of Excavating or Digging is Done?

Once the construction project has been approved, permitted, surveyed, and staked out, the excavation contractor will come in and help with: Grading and smoothing the soil after foundations are poured and backfilled. This is down to ensure proper drainage is achieved and directed away from building driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping. Trenching. This digging is done for utility, pool, and foundation installation.  Backfilling. They will fill in soil around completed concrete work.  Hauling. Excavation contractors will work to remove any dirt or debris from the project site.  Demolition. If there are structures or obstructions on the site, excavating contractors will remove them without damaging the surroundings.

How is Land Prepared for Excavation?

Excavation contractors most commonly prepare sites for new home construction. To prepare the site, excavation contractors work with the utility companies, permit services, and land surveyors to ensure everything is in order for the excavating.  To prepare the site, excavators use heavy machinery to remove any obstacles such as logs, roots, brush, boulders, or trees that could get in the way of the construction. 

What Does an Excavation Contractor Do?

An excavation contractor moves rock and dirt to create a clear space for construction projects. They dig holes, grade land, and level areas for projects such as pipe, sewer lines, drainage, and foundation installation, as well as landscaping project, roads, sidewalks, and driveways. 

What is Land Grading?

In addition to preparing construction sites for new homes or driveways, excavation contractors also enhance the land through landscaping and grading techniques.  Grading is a technique where the soil is moved to crate proper drainage for foundations and driveways. The soil is moved to create slopes that direct the water away from structures, driveways, and landscaping to prevent water issues. 

What Other Type of Work Do Excavation Contractors Do?

Excavation contractors also complete tasks such as: Cut and fill. This is where the earth is moved from a higher area and is used to fill in a lower area. This technique is typically used to level out long stretches of land for roadway construction.  House demolition. The same equipment excavation contractors can also be used o tear down old structures and remove the debris.  Land clearing. This technique is used for preparing construction for projects such as parks, parking lots, home construction, oil and gas sites, and farmland. Land clearing is removing all the trees, shrubs, and even small structures for construction.