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Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Yard?

Solutions for Mushrooms in Your Yard 

With the right mix of moisture, shade, and rich organic matter in our lawn’s soil, you may start to notice mushrooms cropping up. Mushrooms are a type of fungi or the reproductive part of fungi that live within the soil of your lawn. (more…)

Why is my Yard Always Wet?

Reasons for a Wet Yard

If you’ve noticed that your lawn always seems wet or frequently has standing water, you may be wondering what is causing this issue.
A wet lawn is a major inconvenience, with mud constantly being tracked into your home and your lawnmower always being clogged with wet grass. A wet lawn also creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos which can make your yard much harder to enjoy. (more…)

Does a Retaining Wall Stop Water?

If you’ve been having issues with your yard or garden flooding, you may be wondering what you can do to stop it. You may have considered adding a retaining wall to your landscape.

While they don’t stop water from flowing, they can be used to help divert water away from your home and garden to prevent severe flooding. (more…)

Advice for Winter Excavation and Digging

How to Make the Soil Easier to Work With

When it comes to excavating in the wintertime, it’s essential to understand that the soil will not be hard as a rock for most of the season. Even if temperatures get below freezing during the evening, the sun will come out during the day and warm up the soil. With this in mind, you can see that the project is not likely to be challenging in the winter. (more…)

Should I Start My Excavation Project in the Winter?

Should I Start My Excavation Project in the Winter?

If you have a project that requires excavation, you may be wondering, with winter approaching, whether excavation services are available. While it may seem like a great time to book your excavation services, you need to make sure it is a feasible project. (more…)

When Should You Build a Retaining Wall?

Reasons You’ll Need a Retaining Wall

Keeping your home and landscape beautiful is critical. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your home’s appearance, and with a retaining wall, there are several ways you can protect that investment. You may consider installing a retaining wall if: (more…)

A Guide to Excavation Services

What are Trench Digging Services?

Trenches are long and narrow holes with varying depths and are dug for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Utility lines
  • Foundation footings
  • Water pipes
  • Sewage pipes
  • Drainage pipes
  • French drains

Prior to employing a trench digging service for utilities, be sure to contact your utility company or city. Oftentimes they will want to supervise the process to ensure everything goes smoothly. (more…)

Upgrades to Improve Your Yard

As the weather warms up, you’ll be spending more time outside with family friends. Consider these ideas for upping the beauty and fun of your outdoor living space! (more…)

How Leveling Your Yard Prevents Water Damage

Why Should I Level my Yard?

Pittsburgh Excavating PittsburghA large flat yard with a relaxing outdoor living space and full of fresh blooms is something that many homeowners dream of, not a landscape that is full of hills and puddling water. If your landscape and yard are not what you pictured and you are struggling with water damage, luckily, we can help fix and prevent these issues through a method called yard leveling. South Hills homeowners can take advantage of this technique to get the most out of their yard. (more…)

Do I Need to Regrade My Yard?

Signs You Need to Regrade Your Yard

When looking out at your yard, you may notice that some of your yard is uneven and has probably been like that since you moved in. If your yard is not graded properly, it can lead to destroyed gardens, trees, grasses, and can also damage your home.