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Why Are Mushrooms Growing in My Yard?

Solutions for Mushrooms in Your Yard 

With the right mix of moisture, shade, and rich organic matter in our lawn’s soil, you may start to notice mushrooms cropping up. Mushrooms are a type of fungi or the reproductive part of fungi that live within the soil of your lawn.

In many cases, fungi will stay hidden and break down organic material. In other cases, and under the right condition, they will emerge from the soil. Mushrooms spread throughout your lawn by spreading spores into the air, and then they retreat once the soil dries up or the sun begins to shine. 

Mushrooms growing in lawn Why Are Mushrooms Growing on My Lawn?

The soil on your lawn already contains plenty of fungi that help organic matter decompose. In your lawn ecosystem, the leaves or grass clippings that fall on the lawn provide carbon and nutrient to the fungi; as the fungi break down the clippings and leaves, they create nutrients for the soil. 

Mushrooms thrive in parts of your lawn that have high moisture and low light. You will likely see mushrooms growing on your lawn after a long rainy and cloudy period or after overwatering your lawn. In some cases, you will see dark circles or bands in the grass before mushrooms appear. 

The presence of mushrooms in your lawn may mean you have a drainage issue or you are overwatering. Additionally, if you have a shaded area in your yard, you may need to trim back your trees to prevent shade on the lawn. 

Can Mushrooms Harm My Lawn?

While mushrooms are mainly harmless to your lawn, there are a few cons to having them in your yard. For example, puffs and mushrooms can blemish your pristine lawn. Some species of mushrooms can also be toxic to pets and children, causing, in some cases, severe stomach upset. 

If mushrooms repeatedly appear in the same areas, it can lead to damage to the grass. As mentioned above, overwatering can cause fungi growth, which means you are wasting water and driving up your utility bills. 

How Can I Get Rid of Mushrooms on my Lawn?

To help prevent mushrooms on your lawn, you can complete lawn best practices such as dethatching and changing the timing or amount of water you give your lawn. To remove mushrooms, you can cut them off at the base, run them over with a lawnmower, or pull each one out by hand. 

If mushrooms are caused by poor soil drainage, you should consider drainage solutions such as retaining walls and french drains. With a retaining wall, you can help prevent your yard, flowerbed, and home from flooding. They also help to protect your foundation and manage soil erosion. 

As for french drains, they are a gravel-filled trench with a perforated pipe placed in the trench and then covered up. This pipe is used to collect and direct excess rainwater away from your yard and home and to the proper drainage site. Each of these solutions can help keep your lawn from becoming a mushroom-infested mess. 

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