How Much Does Residential Excavation Cost

Pittsburgh’s guide to excavating your property.

Whether you are building a new home in the South Hills, adding an addition or simply preparing your yard for a deck, excavation is one of the first steps in completing a home project. And while some projects may be small, others may require more equipment, time and manpower to complete the task at hand. Excavation isn’t always a costly process, but depending on the size of the area you intend on excavating, you will see the price increase with each additional square foot.

If you’re looking to take on a building or home renovation project that requires excavation, J Bird’s Landscaping & Excavating shares some important information for Pittsburgh homeowners.


Fall Landscaping Tips

Gearing up for Pittsburgh’s cooler months.

Preparing your lawn and yard for the winter months is something you can tackle in the fall. With smaller spans of daylight and overnight temperatures dipping below 50 degrees, you are likely starting to see your flowers dying off, leaves falling, and your grass’s growth being stunted by the change of season. Cleaning up your landscape now is a great way to prepare your yard for the following Spring.

It’s been a long, hot and humid summer and while you’re itching to put away your lawn and garden tools, J Bird’s Landscaping & Excavating’s fall lawn service experts suggest making one last trip around your yard before the snow begins to fall.


Tips for Planting in the Fall

Gardening ideas for the budding Pittsburgh green thumb

When people think about gardening, many associates the planting season with spring. The early winter and early spring give growers plenty of time to grow seedlings, so they can be moved outside into the soil after the highly anticipated “last frost”. In the springtime, plants require the right air and soil temperature before they can be sown into the earth. Other plants need the longer days for maximum sun absorption. And while the spring is a wonderful season for Pittsburgh planting flower and veggie gardens, J Bird’s wants to let you in on a little secret: the fall is for planting too!


What Do Retaining Walls Do?

Resolving hillside erosion through hardscaping.

Pittsburgh and it’s surround neighborhoods – especially the South Hills – have surely seen their fair share of rain this year. It seems like every day you hear about a neighbor’s retaining wall buckling, or worse, hillsides giving way to landslides. Retaining walls are used to add support to dirt that would otherwise recede and shift without a sturdy structure behind it. Pittsburgh landscaping and hardscaping expert’s J Bird’s Landscaping are delving into what retaining walls do and why you should consider installing one today. (more…)

Should I Choose an outdoor Deck or Patio?

Outdoor Patios and Decks Pittsburgh

Adding a deck or patio to your home is a wonderful way to expand your living space. Maybe your looking for a simple, yet relaxing area to lounge or is your dream to craft an outdoor oasis. When it comes to deciding whether to construct a deck or patio, it ultimately comes down to personal preference, budget, and your home’s current landscape. J Birds Landscaping, your one-stop shop for Pittsburgh landscaping and excavation services, provides some professional insight on making the best decision for you and your budget.



Pittsburgh Sod Benefits

If you are not pleased with your current lawn landscape, sodding may be the solution for you.  Sodding your lawn can have many benefits, in addition to speeding up the growth process for your new lawn installation Pittsburgh.  A sodded yard is a lawn that was started from a transplanted bed of existing grass instead of seeds. Sod is harvested from grass that is carefully treated to prevent damage from insects, weeds, and disease.   So what exactly are the additional benefits?  We have listed our top five below.


The Benefits of Hardscaping

Hardscaping in Pittsburgh

It is often necessary to hardscape your yard before planning any soft landscaping design. But first, what exactly is hardscaping? Hardscaping refers to any hard materials such as stone, concrete, and wood that may be used to construct, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and other such materials that alter the foundation of your yard.

Pittsburgh hardscaping can greatly enhance the look of your yard and can help direct attention to the beautiful softscaping components. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure, investing in hardscaping adds great value to your home and is long-lasting. Rarely will you ever have to replace a hardscape design.



Spring Yard Improvement in Pittsburgh

Spring is on the horizon. With the warmer weather ahead, you may be spring cleaning, spending more time outside, maybe even planning that summer vacation. But what do you do with the yard?? Oftentimes, we look so forward to the new season and what it will bring that we overlook our yards. Don’t neglect your outdoor space! Pittsburgh landscaping and taking proper care of your lawn and garden can spruce up your yard and make those outdoor moments all the more enjoyable. Follow these three simple steps to prepare your yard for this upcoming spring.


Start Planning your Spring Landscaping Projects

Plan Your Pittsburgh Landscaping

With spring comes a sense of newness and freshness. It’s a time to spring clean, reorganize, perhaps shop for some new clothes, and get your yard ready for those upcoming picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings. Entertaining outside is a popular pastime in the spring and summer months and is all the more enjoyable when your backyard reflects the beauty of the season. (more…)


French Drain Installation is imperative to protecting your home’s property from structural damage. 

When water soaks into concrete, it causes cracks and other substantial damage.  The best way to prevent this potential harm to your home is by waterproofing its foundation.  French drains offer an easy solution to water entering and ruining a home.  French drains create a channel that carries the water away from the house and are easy to install as well. Some benefits include: (more…)