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Retaining walls are historically used to restrain the earth and prevent land from moving, a feat in engineering. The retaining walls of today are being used creatively in the modern design of the walls, and in the overall landscape picture of the space. Here is Pittsburgh, the professionals at J Birds Landscaping are working hard at creating beautiful, unique retaining walls that are functional and appealing.


Today, designers are using retaining walls as a feature on properties just as much as they do for functionality. Not only can a retaining wall help to keep the earth in place, they are beautiful and improve the overall look of your home and garden. At J Birds, we know a thing or two about retaining walls. Talk to us about your Pittsburgh retaining wall needs and we will help you make the best decision for you! Here are the current, top retaining wall trends, that are most popular today.


J Birds Landscaping and Excavating Services has grown over the years from your local neighborhood grass cutter to your choice for Pittsburgh excavation services. We can do it all! We provide numerous services for our customers, from residential landscaping needs to commercial trucking and hauling, J Birds is your go-to for Pittsburgh landscaping and excavation services.

Do I Need a French Drain?

A French drain is a slightly sloped trench, filled with round gravel and a pipe, which diverts water away from your building’s foundation, or other another area, such as a parking lot, by using the principle of gravity. It is not named after the country but after Henry French, a judge and Farmer from Concord, MA, in 1859 who promoted the idea.  A French drain provides an easy channel for the water to flow through and then to empty into a safe distance away from your protected structure or area.

Boosting Property Value with Landscaping

A new kitchen and a beautiful new interior may add property value immediately but, did you know that not only does a properly landscaped yard add value immediately, it continues to add value as the plants mature and grow bigger. Appliances go bad. Designs go out of style. Plants are more robust and fuller as the years go by.

Hardscaping Ideas for your Backyard

Retaining walls can change the look and feel of your landscape into a hardscape. At J Birds Landscape, we can help you decide which is the right retaining wall for your space. There are thousands of retaining wall ideas and we want you to know about a few of them so that you can make an informed choice. Retaining walls add beauty, structure, strength, and eye-catching features that every homeowner can appreciate.

Looking for a Retaining Wall? Versa-Lok is the way to go!

At J Birds, we are in the business of beautifying your space. One of the ways of doing this, is by adding a retaining wall. VERSA-LOK retaining walls is an easy to install, easy to maintain, cost effective option for your retaining wall. VERSA-LOK gives you endless design options.


J Bird’s Dethatching Services

At JBirds Landscaping, we want to help make your lawn the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood! To achieve this, you have to get rid of the thatch. Thatch is essentially a layer of dry, dead grass (plant material). Dethatching services only has to be done on a lawn every other year in order to keep your lawn in tip-top shape! Our Pittsburgh winters can be harsh and cause a lot of damage to your lawn. Dethatching can remove some of the damage.


Retaining Wall Maintenance

A landscaping wall, or retaining wall, is the way for a gardener to help control gravity by holding back a part of the yard that would otherwise erode without the wall. The retaining wall installation must be solid and correctly maintained. At J Birds Landscaping, we can handle all of this; correctly installing and maintaining the retaining wall to keep your yard and garden in tip-top shape! Let’s go over a few important facts about a retaining wall.


VERSA-Lok Retaining Wall

VERSA-LOK systems are the first solid, pinned segmental retaining wall systems made available. These original systems enable you to fully customize and enjoy your outdoor living space and landscaping. From functional additions to style selections and simplistic engineering, VERSA-LOK systems are perfect for your space and budget. The J Bird’s Landscaping & Excavating team offers VERSA-LOK retaining wall systems, for trusted strength, durability and reliability.