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It is often necessary to hardscape your yard before planning any soft landscaping design. But first, what exactly is hardscaping? Hardscaping refers to any hard materials such as stone, concrete, and wood that may be used to construct, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, and other such materials that alter the foundation of your yard.

Pittsburgh hardscaping can greatly enhance the look of your yard and can help direct attention to the beautiful softscaping components. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure, investing in hardscaping adds great value to your home and is long-lasting. Rarely will you ever have to replace a hardscape design.


Spring is on the horizon. With the warmer weather ahead, you may be spring cleaning, spending more time outside, maybe even planning that summer vacation. But what do you do with the yard?? Oftentimes, we look so forward to the new season and what it will bring that we overlook our yards. Don’t neglect your outdoor space! Pittsburgh landscaping and taking proper care of your lawn and garden can spruce up your yard and make those outdoor moments all the more enjoyable. Follow these three simple steps to prepare your yard for this upcoming spring.


With spring comes a sense of newness and freshness. It’s a time to spring clean, reorganize, perhaps shop for some new clothes, and get your yard ready for those upcoming picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings. Entertaining outside is a popular pastime in the spring and summer months and is all the more enjoyable when your backyard reflects the beauty of the season. (more…)

French Drain Installation is imperative to protecting your home’s property from structural damage. 

When water soaks into concrete, it causes cracks and other substantial damage.  The best way to prevent this potential harm to your home is by waterproofing its foundation.  French drains offer an easy solution to water entering and ruining a home.  French drains create a channel that carries the water away from the house and are easy to install as well. Some benefits include: (more…)

Do you have basement flooding?  Cracked or uneven sidewalks?  Water seepage destroying your walls?

Drainage problems are a big issue for many homeowners.  Leakage into the basement can cause structural damage and be expensive to repair.  It can also ruin furniture, toys, clothes, appliances, and of course carpeting.  Additionally, if left unattended, water in the basement can cause a dangerous build-up of mold and other hazardous bacteria.   


7 Signs you have a drainage problem

Catching draining problems early can save you loads of money later.  By taking care of the problem before you have puddles in your basement, not to mention hundreds of dollars of damage, you’ll be spared not only the money, but a huge headache too.  If you are not a professional, however, diagnosing these problems could be a challenge.  So here are some easy tips to help you spot the problem before it occurs.  And, as with all of your landscaping needs, JBird’s is the reliable company to call.  They have installed French drains all throughout the Pittsburgh area, so call them today for a free quote and to determine if an installation is right for you.    


The term “hardscaping” refers to heavier elements in landscape design such as stones, rocks, patios, and waterfalls.  The term “softscaping” is used to describe those 

lighter elements such as soil, trees, plants, and flowerbeds.  Hardscapes are comprised of nonliving materials then while softscapes are made up of living things. This year, we have seen many trends in hardscaping, all of which add appeal to your yard and can complement your softscapes very well. 


Have you ever had flooding in your yard? Or, does your basement fill up with water after a spring rain? If you have had these or other drainage problems on your property, J Birds Landscaping in 


Retaining wall installation in the Pittsburgh area is our specialty here at J Bird’s Landscaping! Deciding on which retaining wall you will use due to the investment in money can take some time and much thought. We want you to make an informed decision! Here are 10 things you should know about retaining walls that will help you to create the perfect wall with these professional retaining wall contractors in Pittsburgh!