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You Expert Guide to Seed Planting 

Starting seeds at the right time is crucial to ensure your plants thrive during the growing season. To begin, it is important to start your seed indoors to ensure that your crops get a head start on the growing season. 
This also gives them the chance to grow in a stable environment resulting in a better harvest. At J Bird’s Landscaping, your premier source of lawn care in the South Hills, we’ve put together some tips for planting seeds to help you get the most out of the garden this year. 


Pittsburgh Winter Lawn Care 

While the bulk of landscaping work is in the summer and fall, there are a few ways you can landscape and prepare your lawn for the winter season. By properly maintaining and preparing your lawn for winter, you can encourage new growth for a healthy green lawn come springtime. (more…)

Best Times to Dethatch Your Lawn

The best time of year to dethatch your lawn relies heavily on the type of grass you have. Warm-season grasses such as St. Augustine, Bermuda, Bahia should be typically be dethatched in the late spring to early summer. (more…)

How Winter Impacts Your Sprinkler System

With winter just around the corner in Pittsburgh, it’s time to begin preparing your lawn for the cold and snow. With icy roads and slippery sidewalks, winter brings a variety of hazards along with it, including threats to the health of your lawn. Snow mold is a common culprit, infecting your lawn with a fungal disease while the cold wind can damage the interior and exterior of plants and dehydrate them. (more…)

Don’t Make These Mistakes the Winter 

As the fall weather begins, it is essential to prepare your lawn for the winter season to come. While preparing your yard to brave the cold, there are a few mistakes that homeowners should avoid for a healthier lawn. 

Whether you plan to hire South Hills landscapers, or you want to take care of the yard work on your own, there are a few things you should avoid to keep your lawn looking its best: (more…)

Overseeding Your Lawn

With the fall season on its way, it is essential to begin your fall lawn care plan to ensure your lawn remains strong and healthy throughout the colder months. Seeding your lawn is one of the most crucial parts of your lawn care. South hills homeowners should overseed their lawn in September to help ensure their lawn looks lush and green come springtime. (more…)

Your Guide to Retaining Wall Landscaping

Retaining walls are used to hold back the soil along slopes using either tiers or at the base of a hill. This type of wall is placed where dirt as been cut away to level a building surface or install a driveway.

Rather than having just a plain wall on your property, you can add landscaping around the wall using different plants and decorations to help incorporate the wall into the rest of your landscaping. (more…)

The best way to keep your lawn looking lush and green is to choose the right type of grass for the Pittsburgh climate and your unique lifestyle. Serving as your lawn care experts in South Hills, J Bird’s Landscaping has put together a list of the best grasses for your Pittsburgh lawn. (more…)

Your Pittsburgh Mulch Guide 

Mulch can make a significant difference in the look of your landscape. With a variety of mulches in various colors out there, it can be challenging to decide what type of mulch will work best for your landscaping. South Hills homeowners and those in surrounding areas can rely on the expertise of J Bird’s Landscaping to find the right mulch for their landscape. 

Avoiding Rain Damage in Your Yard 

As spring rolls into Pittsburgh, so does the rain. Rainfall is great for keeping your lawn and landscape green and lush, but excessive rain can ruin your landscape and cause extensive and expensive damage that can lead to lengthy repairs and restoration to bring your landscape back to normal. (more…)